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back in december i ran a cans for comments campaign. the purpose…comments = cans…resulting in equivalent donations to a local food shelter. in the end, i translated my cans to dollars and rounded the total up to $100.

some good friends decided to match my contribution. mike contributed to moveable feast. scott gave me a $100 cash to tack on to wherever i was donating. thanks so much guys!

i have been deliberating over where to donate for quite some time. jennifer (a friend/co-worker of scott’s) made me aware of a philly charity….back on my feet…that is starting up a pilot program in baltimore. one look at their website and i was blow away by the unique approach and the amazing effort in progress.

i found my charity!

that being said, i took my $100 and scott’s $100…tacked on another $50 to make it nice and round….and made a donation. i’m hoping whoever reads this might take a minute or two to check out back on my feet and decide to donate whatever they can to the cause…whether it be time, money…or in my case…photography.

i’m running an active campaign to support the baltimore chapter HERE.

any local yocals that have an interest in attending the kick-off meeting, please check out the evite HERE. hope to see you there.

thanks everyone!


Written by john

January 23, 2009 at 10:27 am

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