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cans for comments final tally…

with 8 comments

the final comment tally for the cans for comments campaign is 66.  because i’m a pretty simple guy and especially because i like round numbers….i’m going to round up to 100 🙂

i want to thank everyone who participated.  it’s small efforts like these that really go a long way.

i hope you’ll continue to play an active roll in your community and tune in periodically to the happenings on my blog(s).



Written by john

December 16, 2008 at 8:14 am

Posted in drive-bys

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8 Responses

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  1. Just want to say thanks again for your generosity! Also apparently no one wants to share their stories, so it’s looking good for you to win my contest by default. Hopefully someone will give you a run for it.

    – Schev


    December 16, 2008 at 9:24 am

  2. thanks goes to you for participating here. i appreciate your support and time.


    December 16, 2008 at 9:34 am

  3. that’s so awesome!!

    Mary Marantz

    December 16, 2008 at 2:45 pm

  4. thanks so much Mary!


    December 16, 2008 at 3:03 pm

  5. Congrats to a successful campaign. I’ll be making my matched contribution to Moveable Feast honoring your website.


    Michael Fowler

    December 16, 2008 at 6:26 pm

  6. mike…that is too cool. thank you so so much. i know that moveable feast will be very appreciative of your generosity.

    John Waire

    December 16, 2008 at 9:35 pm

  7. John, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my family and I will be matching your cans for comments drive. We will be making our donation to Carroll County Food Sunday. Thanks for the inspiration, the world could use a lot more people like you.


    December 17, 2008 at 10:49 pm

  8. thank you alisae. that is awesome news!

    really glad to welcome you to my blog family 🙂


    December 18, 2008 at 8:01 am

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